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When you live in one of the greatest bass fishing states you are constantly forced to make choices about where to fish.  If you are in a bass club, most clubs vote or establish a schedule, but routinely travel to the same handful of lakes each year that are close by and well known by its members.  Well Larry Thomas and a few fellow anglers set out to change that and change that big time.

With a wider variety of lake and fisheries the Big Bank Bass Tour will take trips to Des Allemands, Bayou Segnette, Old River, Dalacroix, Henderson, North Pass, Venice, Spillway, Lake Varrett, and Lake Concordia.  The widening of the lakes and the two tournaments a month will ensure that it’s anyone’s to win. 

The club will pay out 100% with places being paid for every 7 boats entered.  Angler of the Year will receive a plaque and $1000.   This is going to be an exciting venture getting some anglers out of their comfort zones and stretching their abilities to adapt and fish new waters.   From the marshes and spillway to the oxbows and lakes the field will be challenged each tournament to work towards that coveted prize of AOY!

Big Bank Bass Tour

November 2020, Volume 119

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Club membership is $75 for the year with each tournament costing $60 to enter.  Ten dollars of every tournament fee goes towards the big bass pot.  With two tournaments a month and expected draw of 50 boats per tournament, Larry and the gang will be paying out some “Big Bank.”

This is definitely a Bass Tour you will want to look into if you are serious about fishing against some stiff competition on different bodies of water and winning some good money.  For more information contact Larry Thomas on Facebook.  #GeauxBassin

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