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In Louisiana, one thing is for certain, there is no shortage of water to fish.  An ample supply of fisheries leads to many things, one being competitive bass fishing among guys in the area.  For Bassin’ in the Boot that area is the Concordia Parish waterbodies of Lake Concordia and Lake St. John.  Each week from the time change in March to late September, we host a big bass tournament, rotating from lake to lake. 

Local anglers of the area and a few that drive from an hour away competed each week on the lakes.  Rules are simple, bring in the biggest bass of the night and take home some cash.  Through the year we competed for cash purses up to $500 and more depending on the number of anglers.  Bassin’ in the Boot Big Bass Thursdays paid out 90% holding 10% back for the end of the year awards and classic.

With a running tally of the weekly derbies the numbers added up quickly for many anglers.  Topping the field were several anglers most are familiar with if they follow Bassin’ in the Boot on social media.  Carl Whittington fished 13 tournaments with a total weight of 26.96 pounds and a 2.57# best ten fish average.  Ed Jester bested son, Eddie Jester in total weight for the year 34.66# to 29.26# but the younger Jester showed dad up with a best ten average of 2.93# to the 2.87#.  Ronnie Gillespie fished 20 tournaments and had 28.94# total for the year with a 2.68# best ten fish average.  Shannon Gay took part in 13 big bass tournaments yielding 25.51 pounds for the year with a 2.55# best ten fish average for the year.  Rounding out the contenders for yearly top honors, Trey Buckles had a total weight of 26.7# in just 10 tournaments and best ten fish average of 2.67 pounds.

Winners of the three spots at $300 each spot were Robbie Buckles, Kyle Ensminger, and Kenneth Mahoney. 

Bassin' in the Boot

Big Bass Classic

October 2020, Volume 118

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Kenneth, no stranger to bass fishing has been on the water chasing the little green fish for a number of years.  Mr. Ken, loves the competition and comradery of the weekly bass fishing tournaments.  Mr. Ken won the top average best ten fish of the year with his 3.42# big bass average.  Most likely with a jig tied on, Mr. Ken is never further than 1 hookset from winning and is a threat to take your money anytime he is on the water.

Kyle Ensminger, perhaps the most dedicated individual to fish with us this year did not miss a single tournament of the 22 we fished.  That consistency yielded Kyle the top total weight for the year with his 51.06 total pounds weighed.  Kyle took the top weight prize of $300 for his efforts on the year.  Kyle will throw the tackle box at the bass trying to determine what the fish want.  Whether fishing a frog, a jig, Texas rigged plastics, or chatterbait, Kyle fishes a variety of lures and baits and fishes it well. 

Mr. Robbie Buckles posted a solid year with Bassin’ in the Boot.  Though not in the running for the top weight or best ten fish average, Mr. Robbie was not to be outdone.  He showed up to the classic on his lake, Lake Concordia.  Even temper and persistence on the water helps lead Robbie to the winner’s stage more often than not.  Posting the biggest bass of the night on the night of the Bassin’ in the Boot Big Bass Thursday Classic, Robbie brought in a 3.49 pound greenback. 

Thanks to all the anglers who participated with us this year.  We are definitely looking forward to next year.  We will pick back up the week after the time changes in the spring of 2021.  We hope you will decide to #GeauxBassin with us!


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Bassin' In The Boot's Big Bass Tournament Season AOY winners, Kyle Ensminger (top overall weight for the season), Ken Mahoney (top ten fish average weight), and Robbie Buckles (Classic Winner).

Slideshow of this season's catches!

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