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At Bassin’ in the Boot we take our mission to be your source for all things bass fishing in the State of Louisiana seriously.  Whether that means covering local or regional tournaments, the bait stand on the corner or tackle stores across the state, custom rod builders, or small business options for a Louisiana made jig, spinnerbait, soft plastic, or more, we aim to bring to you and these small businesses the exposure for business relationships in your own backyards.  That mission has led us to David Black, owner of Blue Trog Custom Rods and Reel Repair.  Located in Iowa, Louisiana, David has recently added rod building to his reel repair business.  The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

Like many before him, David has built rods for family and friends, but he has quickly grown his customer list to include anglers, companies, schools, and even custom rods for special events.  David says of his craft, “My rods are built to what the customer wants.”  Offering custom rods fits well into David’s wheelhouse.  Having grown his business from a reel repair shop, he knows the importance of pleasing the customer.  David has been cleaning reels for years, as cleaning reels was a skill his father taught him as a child.  As an adult he realized the need for the service in his area and Blue Trog was born.  The newer rod-building side of the business however, was born out of sheer frustration. 

Blue Trog

Custom Rods & Reel Repair

August 2020, Volume 116

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The man behind Blue Trog Custom Rods and Reel Repair works to prepare a custom rod for a customer.  Offering experience in reel cleaning and combining that with custom rod building keeps David engaged serving his customers.

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While on a weekend outing with friends, David and his wife went on a fishing trip.  During the fishing trip a brand new “name brand” rod was broken while being used for the first time.  David, with frustration from the snapped rod and with encouragement from his wife, knew right then he wanted to make quality rods so that didn’t happen to him or anyone else again.  That one incident spurred him into making quality rods, and to this day he has held on to the broken rod as a reminder of why he now builds quality custom rods. 


A friend of David’s was the first to get a rod built from him and the reviews were nothing less than excellent.  “He loved it, he was amazed by the craftsmanship and the feel of it compared to a store-bought rod,” David told me.  With the positive reviews and growing demand, Blug Trog Reel Repair would grow to include custom rod building.  

As for the name, it of course has a bit of a backstory.  David admits to being “what people call a Jeeper.”  “My wife and I both have a Jeep and belong to a local Jeep club.”  David went on to tell me, “We name our Jeeps and mine is named ‘Troglodyte’; being a ‘gamer’ with a hydro blue Jeep, the name Blue Trog was born.”


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As for the business of rods and reels, most of the rod and reel work is done at David’s home in Iowa, La.  Customers often mail in reels for cleaning or repairs and in no-time the reels are headed back out in the mail.  Rods take a little more customization.  David takes time to find out what the angler will be using the rod for, what colors or theme his customer wants, the desired length for the custom rod and all the other minute details that go into the perfect rod.  From there David endeavors every care in constructing not necessarily the perfect rod, but the perfect rod for his customer.


When not building rods, David is working hard serving the community in Cameron Parish.  David has committed the past 20 years to serving his community as an EMT.  Likewise, he is committed to turning out the best product possible for his customers.  But don’t just take our words for it; take a look at the pictures and you’ll see why you should give Blue Trog a chance to earn your business so the next time you Geaux Bassin’ it can be with a new rod made right here in the Boot!


Be sure to check out Blue Trog online or follow their Facebook group with the links below! 

Keeping a lineup of blanks and rods in various stages of completion shows the dedication to the craft David has and thats proofed by his customers' support.  Reach out and have your next rod in this lineup!

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