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Out of our Comfort Zone


Fall East State Qualifier - Doiron’s  


The State Qualifier was a new adventure for Team Bugalou. Each time we fish a Tournament out of Doiron’s, we typically fish the Bell River side. On official practice day, we decided to tryout the Spillway. You always hear that your bigger bags of fish are going to come from the spillway side but finding the fish is more challenging. 


On official practice day, Emma caught a 5+ pound fish and It was then decided Team Bugalou was going to get out of their comfort zone and fish the Spillway side for the tournament. 


Tournament Day:


*Burrrrrr* it was a cold morning. We bundled up, hunkered down on the boat floor and dad captain, Joey Simon took off to our first spot. 


Team BugaLou:  
Out of Their Comfort Zone

November 2021, Volume 131

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It takes us a bit to get our grove going but by 8:37am, we had two fish in the boat and we were pumped. 


Here comes the part that many don’t understand. We were catching fish and we put our rods down. It was time for 9:00 snack break. As teenagers, 4am comes early for these gals. Taking 10 mins to recharge is completely worth it and a must. 


We ate our fudge rounds, chatted for a bit and picked our rods back up. After a little over an hour without any bites, we decided to try the next spot and by 12:26 we had our 5 fish in the boat. We are very great full for any fish we catch that we can weigh in. But it’s an awesome feeling when you know your going to the scales with a 5 fish limit. To see our moms and grandparents exited happy faces when they find out we will walk the stage is the absolute best. But when they find out we are walking the stage with a limit of 5, its priceless. 


As the day went on, we caught a good amount of non keepers, caught our line on a moving catfish noodle and donated a few baits to the trees. But nothing compares to Emma’s best hook set of the day, which turned into her hair being reeled up into the fishing reel. 


We walked the stage at the East State Qualifier with a 5 fish limit weighing 7.86lbs, finished 36th out of 170 high school boats, tied for 3rd place in our Interclub tournament, and enjoyed Central High School fishing team finishing 5th place overall. 


It was a great day for Team Bugalou!


Thank you to God above for giving us another beautiful day on the water, our dad captain Joey Simon for keeping us safe, our families, friends supporters, the CHS fishing team for always standing behind us, and our awesome sponsor Shongaloo Outdoors for the  Black ‘N’ Red Basinbug and Watermelon Red Warthog baits that helped get us our limit.  


With a break on the state qualifiers, we have 2 more Interclub tournaments to finish out before the Christmas Holidays. We will be back on the State Trail in February. Until then, please like and share our page and stay tuned for more. 








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