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August 2020, Volume 116

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Boat Care Tips

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This month for your BOAT CARE TIPS we are going to talk about fuel.

Lately we have been really backed up in our service department with the abundance of people on the water right now. Everyone is taking out their boats that may have been sitting up for quite some time and not really checking anything; they just head straight out to the water.  There is a huge problem with that!


Especially in South Louisiana, with the heat and humidity gas tanks will build up lots of condensation.  Even with having a fuel/water separator on your boat you can still get contaminated fuel into your engine.  If you have a boat that has been sitting up for a few months you really need to drain the entire fuel tank and try to clean it out as best as possible, and then let it dry.  You also need to disconnect all fuel lines leaving the tank and inspect the fuel lines. The new fuel lines that have a liner on the inside tend to collapse and cause a lot of restrictions to your engine, which is a super easy fix that can prevent a bad day on the water. 


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Changing your fuel lines is something that almost needs to happen every few years just to make sure everything stays clean and in good working order.  Fuel/water separators need to be replaced once a year along with the fuel filter on the engine.  Water in the fuel is a very common problem that people have and is a very easy fix, but it can also be a very expensive fix if the water gets into the fuel system on the engine.  Changing all the fuel filters on a yearly basis can normally stop this from occurring in most cases. Another good practice is filling back up your tank after every trip so the tank does not sweat and condensate as bad while its sitting up for a few weeks. 


Hope everyone stays safe on the water and doesn't have any issues!!!

As always Tight Lines,


Kirk Allain

Cajun Outboards

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