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May 2020, Volume 113

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Boat Care Tips

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This past month at Cajun Outboards, we have been trying to stay partially open, to accommodate everyone’s needs.  This has been a really crazy time for us, and we don't know whether to stay open or close the doors, but business is absolutely crazy. We are currently taking in boats for service, selling new boats, and selling parts through phone and setting parts outside. We are only letting one or two people in the shop at one time while still trying to service everyone’s needs. Enough about this virus and let’s get to fishing!!

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Lots of times we go and spend a week on places like Toledo Bend, Sam Rayburn, etc., and the water is really rough for the whole trip.  After a trip like this it is very critical that you go through every single bolt and screw on your boat.  What I recommend is starting at the nose of your boat and working your way to the back.  Check your trolling motor bolts and make sure they are good and tight. On the bow you also want to check the bow eye; they have nuts on the inside of your hull and you can normally reach them by going thru the same access as you would to tighten the trolling motor bolts.  Moving towards the middle you may need to check the tightness of your steering wheel and helm system and make sure everything is tight. Some consoles have bolts on them and you need to check those also.  On the back of your boat, if you have a jackplate you need to check the bolts that go thru the transom and also the bolts the hold your motor to the jackplate. These are the most common nuts to work themselves loose in some really rough conditions.  


When checking or tightening bolts that go through the hull and are siliconed in, it is best to not let the bolt spin if at all possible, to ensure the silicone continues to stop the flow of water into your boat. You need to try and only tighten the nut and keep the bolt stationary. GPS units are also another culprit that will work themselves loose in not so ideal conditions. Make sure the mount is tightly secured to the boat as well as the unit to the mount. If you have Power Poles or Talons, you need to check every bolt on these as well. Check the bolts that hold the mount to the boat or jackplate, and also every bolt on the power poles. If these bolts are not tight you can wear out the bushings very quickly and this could be a costly repair instead of an easy fix. 


There are lots of things than can be avoided to save you lots of money in the long run if you take the time to slow down and check everything on your boat. These things are not only to be checked after a rough water outing, but after every few trips out on the lake. We see a lot of boats that come in the shop that are inches away from losing a trolling motor, gps, or even a motor! It is also a good practice to keep a good tool set in a dry box in your boat with a few wrenches, sockets, and screwdrivers that fit everything on your boat that can come loose. 


We hope everyone is taking advantage of this down time to get out on the water and enjoy some quality time with the family outdoors! 





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