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Boat Care Tips

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March 2020, Volume 111

Total Boat Control


Earlier last month I had the opportunity to make a trip down to Tampa, Florida to visit JL Marine Systems.  This is where they make and assemble all Power-Poles.  JL Marine produces everything in house, and their products are shipped all around the world.  The main reason for the visit was for Cajun Outboards to become a certified warranty repair center for all Power-Pole products.  As everyone knows who has Power-Poles on their boat, JL Marine has probably the best customer service in the entire marine industry.  Even though their product is very dependable, there are a few things that you can you do as preventative maintenance to ensure your Power-Poles stay in the best working condition. 

After every couple of trips, you need to make sure that your bolts on the U channel are tightened.  Power-Pole only recommends 8ft./lbs. for the bolts that hold the knuckle in place on the top and bottom, and just 2ft./lbs. on the smaller bolts in the middle.  Now the bolts that are used to hold the Power-Pole to the bracket and the bolts that are used to hold the bracket to the jackplate or boat need to be tightened as tight as you can get them every few trips as well.  Also when mounting the pumps you need to make sure they are in a safe, dry place and securely fastened.  The pumps do have a secure top with a water tight seal but they are not meant to be submerged under water.  Also the control system for Power-Pole is C-Monster, which is something that they created for their Bluetooth connectivity. So just as everything else in today’s world, there is an app on your smartphone for C-Monster which gives you full control and you are able to change all settings for your Power-Poles.  But the main reason for this app is that just like cell phones,  these Power-Pole pumps need to be updated, and you can update the firmware of your pump from the app. 

So if anyone out there is having trouble with your Power-Pole bring them in to our certified warranty center and have us take a look at them and get you back on the water as soon as possible!! And as always...

Tight Lines,

Kirk A. Allain
Cajun Outboards

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