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July 2020, Volume 115

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Boat Care Tips

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This month we are going to talk a little about what it takes to keep your boat looking like new. Whether you have a brand new boat or a new to you boat, it is important to give them a little TLC every time you take your boat out of the water. 


Whenever you pull your boat out of your local lake or body of water it is very good practice to go ahead and wipe them down.  The best product to use is a spray on wax, (doesn’t matter the brand) but I prefer the Lucas Slick Mist Speed Wax. Just spray it on while the boat is still wet,  and use a microfiber towel to dry it off and get rid of that dreaded scum line! If you do this every time the scum line will not stick to your boat.


Now when you get home if you have time you may want to wash the whole boat and the carpet, but before you put the boat up or cover it you need to let the carpet dry out so it doesn’t mildew and stain. It is very important to wash your trailer also to remove any grass or foreign objects before you launch in another body of water. It is also a very good practice to wash out your livewells and remove any debris that may work it’s way into your pumps and cause them to fail, and that’s the last thing you need to stop working especially in the hot summer months. 


The more you stay on top of cleaning your boat and flushing your motor after every trip, the more familiar you are with your boat and that makes you more aware of the condition of the bottom and transom. This way if you see something that isn’t quite right you can bring it to your local dealer and get it checked out before the problem gets out of control and it cost you lots of money! Owning a boat can be a really expensive hobby, but if you take care of your investment you can normally catch any major problems before they get to bad!!


So go out to your local dealer or auto parts store and buy a pack of microfiber towels and a bottle of spray wax and treat your boat to a good cleaning every time you take it out the water and it will stay looking like new!!!!

As always Tight Lines,

Kirk A. Allain

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