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October 2020, Volume 118

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Boat Care Tips

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For this month we are going to talk a little bit about the importance of staying on top of your boat's hydraulic steering.  There are two major brands, SeaStar Solutions, and UFLEX.  It doesn't matter what system you have they are all the same principle.  You always want to make sure that your steering is tight and doesn't have any air in the lines. When you have air in the lines you will be able to tell pretty easy because you will make a few rounds with the steering wheel before the engine turns.  

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You can bleed your system just like you would do a vehicle's brakes, or you can bring it in to your local dealer and let them do it with a machine.  On your steering cylinder on the engine they have a jamb nut that needs to stay tight against the elbow so you don't have any slack in the steering.  You also want to make sure your hydraulic lines are free of any obstruction, while turning the wheel back and forth.  Every few months you want to check all your fittings to make sure they are tight and not leaking any fluid.  Your steering is a very key element to your safety while on the water, you want to make sure everything is tight and secure before you take a trip out to your lake.AS ALWAYS TIGHT LINES,CAJUN OUTBOARDS

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