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February 2021, Volume 122

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Boat Care Tips

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First Trip of the New Season

Well guys it is that time of year again! This is the time when everyone in Louisiana starts to put up their ATV’s and start breaking out the boats.  Your first trip of the year is always highly anticipated, and you cannot wait to get on the water.  Do not let that first trip of the year be a disappointment.  You always need to go through everything, including the trailer.  When a boat has been sitting up for months there is always something that seems to go wrong when you first get out on the water.  Here is a checklist of things you should do before making your first trip after your boat has been sitting up.


  1. Trailer wheel lug nuts.

  2. Trailer winch strap.

  3. Trailer straps going to the boat.

  4. All battery connections, and make sure lead acid batteries have water in them.

  5. All batteries are fully charged.

  6. Livewell hoses are all connected.

  7. Motor bolts are all tight.

  8. Trolling motor is working and all bolts are tight.

  9. GPS bolts and connections are tight.


Most important thing you need to remember is to go and have fun but having fun doesn’t happen when you are having trouble with your boat!!


As Always Tight Lines,


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