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March 2021, Volume 123

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Boat Care Tips

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Boat Care Despite Covid

Well, instead of a Boat Care article, I just wanted to fill in everybody in on what has been going on in the boating world and at Cajun Outboards.


So let's go back to March of 2020.  It's Friday at the Louisiana Sportsman Show, and it is pretty dead, but we are looking forward to the weekend.  Friday night we sit down with Renovations Marine to have a few drinks and talk about the show.  Next thing we know, the show is cancelled and we have to pack up and go home. The boat show is our YEAR!!!!!!! And now we don't know which way to turn, so we pack up everything, call our faithful people and bring every boat back to Addis.  All non-essential businesses have to shut down, so we abide by the rules and close the doors.  We are sitting around the shop the next Wednesday wondering where do we go from here.  As we are sitting there the phones will not stop ringing, so we start answering them.  By the end of the next week we had to bring in our full staff and sell parts over the phone and get people to drop the boats without coming inside. We were showing people new boats by letting them in the fence and look around. We tried to stay closed and be as safe as we could, but the amount of work and the people wanting to buy new boats and outboards was overwhelming.  So here we are one year later and the boating industry is showing zero signs of slowing down, except for the fact that no one can get any product.  It's tough right now because everything is backordered and we don't know when parts are going to come in. Boats and engines are the same way right now, for some engines we are being told to not expect them until late Fall.  So all in all business is really good and we are extremely busy and we are doing the best we can to get to everyone but it is a very trying time.  We want to thank everyone for being patient and we look forward to seeing everyone on the water in the near future!!!!


As Always Tight Lines,



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