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January 2021, Volume 121

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Boat Care Tips

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This month we are going to talk a little about winterization of your boat.  I know this is not something most Louisiana people are familiar with because either we use our boats for hunting, or we fish year round.  So I have never really looked into winterizing my boat or told anyone they needed to, because my favorite time to fish is in the dead of winter!!! I love the bitter cold days, but just the other day I had a very good customer from North Louisiana, who is a very avid duck hunter, send me a text message asking what he should do to winterize his boat.  Well I thought to myself for a second and then I sent him back a text and said, "Hell, I just fish all winter to solve that problem!" We both laughed and then he said "No I'm being serious I just bought a brand new boat and I need to know what to do to sit her up for the winter!"  So I went to do some digging and found some very useful tips to put your boat up for storage during the winter months.

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(By the way the guy I'm talking about is Jeremy Roy, look him up on Facebook if anyone up north is interested in taking a ride in a brand new Phoenix 721!!!! One Hell of a guy!)


  1. Start by prepping your engine; ensure all water has been drained and removed.

  2. Apply corrosion protection to your engine.

  3. Consult your owner's manual for specific instructions, and complete fogging, if needed.

  4. Add a fuel-stabilizing additive to your fuel system; then run the engine.

  5. Change your engine’s fuel filters and any fuel/water separators in the system.

6.  Drain your boat's freshwater plumbing           systems (sinks, tanks, and heads).

7.  Add antifreeze to your plumbing systems.

8.  Ensure water is removed from all                   additional systems (raw water                       washdowns, livewells, bilge pump, etc.).

9.  Remove drain plugs.

10.  Cover your boat or place it into winter           storage.


Hope everyone had a great year!!!!!! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!


As Always Tight Lines,


Kirk Allain

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