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“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  That age-old question has been asked of each of us and no doubt at different times we all have had different answers.  I know at one time I would have said baseball player, lawyer, electrician but ultimately settled on teaching math and a career in education.  Now my answer would be more like, “I don’t want to grow up!”

No matter your answer, for 29-year-old Cody Jones, his career ambitions were to be a professional skateboarder or an offshore mechanic like his dad.  Always active in hunting and fishing, he had the love for the outdoors and that is possibly what led him to his current job.  Building power lines for a living now, Cody still loves the outdoors and has a new-found desire to bass fish at the top competitive levels and to make a living doing just that.

Having only been competitively fishing for the last couple years, Cody Jones Fishing was born almost immediately from the love of the competition and comradery he has with fellow anglers.  In two short years Cody has managed to acquire several sponsors including Bassin’ in the Boot, Shongaloo Outdoors, Rapid Response Diesel Services, and Limits Sporting Goods.  His sponsors believe in his determination, his mind set and his commitment to excellence. 

Cody Jones Fishing

July 2021, Volume 127

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Cody believes as a working class, God fearing American that hard work and loyalty are more than just buzzwords.  Cody Jones lives this daily by promoting the brands he uses on and off the water.  His promotion is not based on free stuff or an obligation but on the genuine confidence he has in the products and sponsors he has in his boat and on his boat. 

Talking with Cody he said, “I have a 2011 Nitro Z8 that I’ve completely redone and is wrapped with those awesome sponsors that I am proud to show off on the area lakes during the tournaments I fish.”  He went on to tell me, “……it’s hard to juggle work and fishing.  A lot of traveling and very little sleep, late nights and early rises, trying to beat almost unbearable time constraints but it’s all worth it when you set the hook on those little green fish.” 

Cody is adamant he learns something every trip, he said “whether it’s a new way to rig tackle, finding structure, a different fishing technique.”  Cody Jones has a lot to learn, on the water and in the business of the bass fishing world but he is eager, able and humbly hungry to achieve his goals. 

“You’re going to have bad days, I zeroed in my first 7 tournaments of 2021 but you got to keep grinding.  As a great friend of mine would say, “head down and fish” and that is exactly what I’ll be doing to the last second.” 

Nearly every Thursday night you can find Cody competing in the Bassin’ in the Boot Big Bass Tournaments.  Taking the top honors often but always competing and grinding.  Entering as many local club tournaments as work allows along with opens like the Sealy Big Bass Splash, Cody is on the water every occasion life allows.  Sitting behind the wheel of the Nitro or standing tall on the deck, Cody Jones is a determined angler. 

Keep your eye on this young man, he might just have found what he wants to do should he ever GREAUX UP!  To learn more about Cody Jones Fishing find him on Facebook, Instagram, or soon on YouTube but more easily find him on a lake nearby as he finds every opportunity to GEAUX BASSIN!

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Whether it's trying a new technique, or throwing a favorite bait, Cody makes sure he learns something new every time he hits the water.  Tackle selection is a big part of that and from our view, there was no shortage of Shongaloo Outdoors lures to select from!


With a full selection of Shongaloo Outdoors soft plastics, Cody goes to work learning, building, and grinding out each day on the water.  With an on the go life balancing work, fishing, and family, Cody stays in touch with fellow anglers, friends, and maybe even fans through his social media.  Find him on Facebook and Instagram, and look for future content on YouTube.

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