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Coonass Bayou Lures

March 2020, Volume 111

Typically speaking when you hear “Coonass” you think white rubber boots, a pirogue, swamp and cypress tree backdrops with some of the best cooking you’ll ever put in your mouth - just don’t ask what’s in the pot.  It’s a life all its own and as good as it can get.  Every now and again someone for some crazy reason someone will leave that part of the country and venture north.  Now north is anywhere above I-10 you see, and Shreveport well that might as well be Alaska.

For Jeff Joseph and his wife, Amanda, work pulled them north to the Shreveport area and like a fish out of water this Coonass found himself “WAY UP NORTH!”  They may have left the bayous and swamps of South Louisiana but they didn’t leave the legacy far behind.  So when it came time to naming the business what else besides Coonass Bayou Lures could they call it?

Naming the business may have been the easy part as we learned.  An obsession for custom painted lures and baits led Jeff to buying off the internet and Facebook from various vendors.  In fact, his bidding on baits became as much about winning as getting the baits themselves to fish with.  It got so bad, Amanda said she was going to paint some lures and put on there for him to buy.  This sparked the idea and Coonass Bayou Lures was born!

Soon the workshop was delivered and finished out in the backyard complete with deck and fire pit.  The building is an ideal work environment for the couple and their daughter Sierra.  Many nights are spent outback in the shop customizing orders for anglers across the land.  The shop has his and her painting stations, a drying wheel, and eventually will expand to include vinyl services.  With music blaring and paint spraying, it’s just another typical night in the Coonass headquarters. 

Just because this Coonass is out of South Louisiana don’t think for a minute South Louisiana is out of him! Jeff and Amanda will forever be Cajuns at heart.  Jeff is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting and fishing, giving him an eye for custom lures.  Ever improving on their skills, Coonass Bayou Lures offers custom painting of hard baits such as crankbaits, jerkbaits, top waters, or any other hard surface fishing lure.  Whether you desire a personal design of your own or just need some old baits touched up and refinished give them the opportunity to earn your business.  Get in touch on Facebook, email or on the web at and let the paint start to fly! 

Next time you are shopping for a custom painted lure get a Coonass Bayou Lures custom lure and Geaux Bassin!


A recent custom crawfish design squarebill hand painted and finished in the Coonass Bayou Lures workshop.

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A medium/deep diving bream pattern crankbait from Coonass Bayou Lures.

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A custom crank that'll make you green with envy.  Coonass Bayou Lures customizes each order to the customer requirements.

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