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Mr. Ken Mahoney is no stranger to the followers of our Bassin’ in the Boot Big Bass Thursday Tournaments having won numerous nights the last two years.  It was at the tournament on July 21st at Lake St. John that Mr. Ken and I started talking about his boat being an older model that needed a little cleaning up.  I told him about one of our partner’s products, Cajun Boat Balm and what it can do for a glass boat.  He whipped out his wallet, gave me some cash and requested a bottle!

I sent him a message on Monday of last week and told him I had the package and would be glad to help him apply it.  I wanted to sneak a few before and after pictures.  His response caught me by surprise, a pleasant surprise as he offered to meet at Lake Concordia and fish a few hours before applying the Cajun Boat Balm. 

We put in about 7:30 and ran up the lake a little-ways and pulled up to a familiar section that I fish fairly often.  Mr. Ken reached in the rod box and pulled out two rods.  It was no surprise he selected a jig rod and a frog rod.  We started fishing and it wasn’t long before I knew it was going to be a great day.  Not 20 minutes into fishing I had a nice one hooked on a jig that went just shy of 3 pounds.  Mr. Ken didn’t wait long before pulling in one around 4 pounds.  His “secret” jig and trailer followed one after that one well over 4 as seen in the video posted on the page. 

Fishing with Ken Mahoney

Big Bass Tournament Winner

August 2020, Volume 116

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Mr. Ken Mahoney showing off an early 4+ pound greenback.  Time on the water with Mr. Ken is as enjoyable as it is educational.

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We fished for several hours up until about 11 and had the best of conversations.  In a short time on the water and in great company, I learned a lot.  Just from talking with Mr. Ken you can tell immediately he’s a great guy, but more than that he’s humble and doesn’t mind teaching and sharing bass fishing techniques.  Not everyone in the bass world is that way!

After a few hours of bagging quality fish, and a bag I would put near 20 pounds for the best 5 of the day we headed back to the ramp to get to work cleaning up the boat that had just served us well.  Once we got the boat loaded we whipped out the Cajun Boat Balm and put it to work.  With just a small drizzle of Cajun Balm on a sponge, we took years off the old girl.  Just look at the before and after pictures.  Now not only does the boat serve Mr. Ken well pulling in all those Big Bass winners, she looks good doing it!  If your boats in need of a little shine, check out Cajun Boat Balm available in our shop or at .


Before and after shots of our work on Mr. Ken's boat with some Cajun Boat Balm.  

I am sure I will get to fish with Ken Mahoney again, but after just this one trip I know to never count him out of a tournament.  He will sit patiently and wait on the big ones to come to him and beat you at the scales more times than you can count.  Thanks for the lesson, the company, the fishing and your friendship Mr. Ken.  I was proud to get the opportunity to GeauxBassin with you and hope you enjoy your like new boat for many more catches to come!

Check out Cajun Boat Balm on our Partner's Page or on their Facebook (links below).

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Bassin' in the Boot member Charles Anderson enjoying his time on the water with Mr. Ken Mahoney.

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