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From the Editors

May 2020

May 2020, Volume 113

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What a spring huh?  We had big plans and were just getting ginned up in March for our April edition when it seemed the world stopped turning. Literally the day we had interviews scheduled for a large Louisiana business we were all hit with the news corona had landed in Louisiana. One case, then two more, then five, and 13, and the cases just kept growing. Shortly after we saw a limit on gatherings placed and essential industry only with mass stay at home orders. That pretty much stopped us in our tracks. 


The month since has been filled with adapting and finding new ways to interact with those in our industry. Despite the challenges we have worked to put together the May edition to do our part in providing some normalcy in these trying times. As our hopes of opening the state back up were recently dashed for a 15 day extension, we are continuing to do our part to stay safe while producing our publication and bringing you content from around the Louisiana Bass Industry. 


We hope this edition finds you and yours in good health, and safe from the coronavirus. We also hope and pray for economic strength for our state in the challenging days that lie ahead. If we can help your small business in any way, whether it be coverage, advertising, or doubling down to emerge stronger when we open back up for business, don’t hesitate to reach out. It’s what we do to contribute. If you know of a small business in the fishing industry, or other, that may benefit by our coverage or assistance feel free to send us their information and we will reach out. 


We are all eager to do our part because we are truly all in this together. May you be blessed with tight lines and great times on the water! 

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