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Front 2 Back Boat Service

May 2020, Volume 113

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On a recent visit to the Baton Rouge area I was able to stop by Front 2 Back Boat Service and visit Ken Sherman and his son Devin.  The Shermans have owned Front 2 Back Boat Service for nearly 40 years.  While visiting their shop, located at 2221 N Airway Drive, I realized it is truly “one stop shopping” for all your marine needs.  Front 2 Back does it all, offering services from trolling motors and electronics to outboard maintenance, and everything in between.

Not only do they do it all, but with a passion for what they do and an air of professional efficiency they do it all, well!  To give you an idea of the level of professionalism, from what I can find, there are only five NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) certified installers in all of Louisiana; two of the five work at Front 2 Back.  Ken and Devin have obtained these certifications, placing them in the company of few others, to ensure the quality of work is up to or exceeds the standard you expect.  Having been in business for over 38 years Ken Sherman has built a reputation of doing things right.  Doing things right and hustling……

Ken told me, “We just been hustling, that’s all I have done all my life is hustle.”  He was talking about the current situation with the effects of COVID 19 on the industry and how in the past when things got tough he would just hustle through it.  “When things get tough -  we’ve been through oil spills, been through the hurricanes, been where they shut us down for the flood but we got through it.”  Mr. Ken told me that during the flood they cleaned up around the shop and once that was done they went to cooking for the people.  They cooked pastalaya and jambalaya and gave back to the community.  Because that's what you do when things get tough. 

As everyone was using their boat to help with the flood, folks started calling needing things on their boats fixed.  So back to work Front 2 Back went doing what they do; fixing and maintaining the boats so many have come to rely on, not only for recreation, but for their livelihoods. 

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The Front 2 Back crew busy working in the bays on multiple jobs keeping customers boats running smoothly.

Sign of quality work; Front 2 Back Boat Service means Front 2 Back.  They do it all and are located at 2221 N Airway Drive in Baton Rouge, LA.  

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Devin inspecting the install job on a couple of screens fit for watching the superbowl on as a part of a custom install completed while there.

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Peeling Devin and Ken from their work for a brief second to get them both in a picture for us.


While servicing an outboard Ken pauses to give us some background on his years of experience and service in the industry.

“I’m old school and I believe in the servicing aspect of it” Ken told me.  The service of your boat, motor and accessories is what keeps it performing like you expect it to on the water.  He recommends getting on a schedule to change your oil, filters, and perform other basic maintenance regularly.  Even at $500 a year that’s cheap insurance.  Well worth the money spent for the peace of mind alone in ensuring peak performance from your boat. 

While touring the shop we went to the back of the shop.  “Behind the curtain” I was watching four different things going on at once on four different boats.  Mr. Ken was changing the oil in an outboard, Devin was replacing a bilge pump, the 3rd boat was getting new electronics while a 4th boat was having the engine serviced.  Accepting my interjections and questions, this place was busy and was running like a well-oiled machine.  The quality, care, and attention each individual rig was getting gave me the impression I was standing in a precisely orchestrated operating room, not in the shop of a boat mechanic.  Soon these “patients” would be well and back on the water, outfitted with the best of maintenance, new “organs”, or new gadgets!

If you need a home for your boat service give Front 2 Back a chance to earn your business.  From their salt of the earth personna, to their long time dedication to the marine industry in the State of Louisiana, you can be sure your business at Front 2 Back will be well earned.  So whether you are considering adding and upgrading accessories or just need some routine maintenance, the Shermans and their crew will get your fixed up and back on the water in no time. Find them on Facebook or give them a call at 225-928-9644 to schedule a “spa day” for your boat before your next outing!

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