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You may recall last June we covered the Grey’s Bass Bash held on May 25th at Chicot State Park.  Bassin’ in the Boot was able to not only fish the event that raises money for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) but also contribute by raffling off a Tangi Fishing Rod.  The Grey Effect Foundation strives to raise enough money to purchase Owlet Baby Care Monitors for new moms and dads before they leave the hospital. The Owlet Company has agreed to match donations by giving two free monitors for every monitor that The Grey Effect Foundation purchases.

This year’s event was postponed due to the COVID 19 precautions and has been moved to August 29th the last Saturday of the month.  The Sebastiens, Brian and Katie, are looking forward to hosting the 4th Annual Grey’s Bass Bash and we hope this is a tournament you will consider adding to your list of must fish yearly.

The worst possible thing I can imagine would be to lose a child. The devastation, pain, and agony associated with losing a loved one must only be surpassed in grief when it is a child that is taken from the world all too soon. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) are to blame for the death of nearly 3,500 children each year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These untimely and often unexplained deaths usually occur during sleep or in the baby’s sleep area.

Grey's Bass Bash


August 2020, Volume 116

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Katie Sebastien holds up a pair of nice greenbacks in the Bassin' In The Boot Thursday Night Big Bass Tournament.  Outfishing husband Brian, the couple enjoyed a low key weekend for another great cause at the Kickin' Bass for Cystic Fibrosis Tournament.

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Having lost a child of their own, the Sebastiens wanted to help ensure no other family had to endure that pain and suffering.  We had the chance to spend some time with Brian and Katie the weekend of the Kickin’ Bass Cystic Fibrosis tournament we helped promote on Lake St. John with tournament director Chris McVay.  They had booked a stay at Lakeview Lodge on Concordia and was able to rest and relax for the weekend with some bass fishing.  Katie out fished Brian on the Thursday Night Bassin’ in the Boot Big Bass Tournament leading up to the Saturday fishing trip on St. John. 

Talking with Brian (on the cover this month) and Katie, the conversation turned to the upcoming tournament the couple host each year.  Expecting it to get bigger and better each year, Brian said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if we see 100 boats, if not this year, next.” We reported 78 boats last year comprised of team and individuals and we agree it will only grow.  Bass anglers have a unique way of supporting a great cause and we can’t think of many greater than helping to save a child’s life.

Although preregistration is advised you will be able to check in the morning of the tournament.  The entry fee is $100 with $5 going towards the Big Bass pot for the day.  A guaranteed payout of $1500 for first place will surely draw some attention.  The 2nd place payout of $750, 3rd at $400 and 4th paying $200 based on 80 boats will provide the rest of the field adequate payouts.  Catch the biggest bass of the day and go home with an extra $400, not too shabby.  All prizes are awarded for a 3 bass stringer.

Parents Brian and Katie on the water with their Grey' Effect Foundation Hats (bottom), a foundation in memory of their son Grey (top) who was tragically taken by SIDS.

There will be food, games, and things for the whole family so come out to Chicot State Park, south ramp and support the Sebastiens and the Grey Effect Foundation.  Door prizes and raffle items will be given away at the weigh in. 

Bassin’ in the Boot thanks our supporters as we were once again able to raffle off a rod to support the foundation.  Come out and help Katie and Brian raise money in their son’s memory.  If you can’t make the tournament but would still like to support the cause you can go to the website at  or to Katie’s Facebook page to help reach the goal of $10,000 for 100 Owlet Monitors from the foundation.  Great people doing great things centered around bass fishing, what more could you ask for?  Support the cause and Geaux Bassin!

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