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Last month we told you all about the annual Casting for Kids tournament on Black River Lake.  The tournament saw beautiful cool weather from the prayer and anthem to the weigh in and festivities.  Blasting off by boat number was a flight of 59 boats carrying a little over 100 anglers.  The annual tournament benefiting children and families in their time of need has grown to be a jewel of a tournament and an event you won’t want to miss. 


This years field was led by John Bruce and Danny Smith posting 18.92#, anchored by a 6.13# big bass for the pair.  Next up with big bass of the day, Randy Miller and Michael Smith put down a 6.36# bass with a total weight of 15.31#.  Rounding out the winners podium was Buster Roy and David Gummow with 14.59#.

Benefit Bass Tournamament for Harper Hart 
And Follow Up on Casting for Kids

November 2021, Volume 131

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We hope to see you all at this one next year.  But with conditions producing quality fish on the Black River Lake Complex right now, why wait until next year?  Another outstanding benefit tournament is just right around the corner and would serve as a great halftime break from the woods.  The Benefit Bass Tournament for Harper Hart will blast off at safe light on December 11th out of Horseshoe Marina on Black River Lake.  The tournament will feature a single or team entry at $120 per boat which includes $10 for big bass.  The event is to benefit Harper Hart who is the daughter of angler Joseph Hart (and wife Kaylie), and Candi Rimes.   Harper was born with a congenital heart defect called aortic arch with a vascular ring. 


In simple terms this heart defect forms a ring around the trachea and slowly suffocates.  With surgeries starting at 8 months old to repair her vascular ring, complications have resulted in additional surgeries and eventual loss of over half of her colon.  Further complications of respiratory infections and recurrent pneumonia have led to several hospital stays over the last year.  During this time with low oxygen levels additional testing was performed and imaging revealed her aorta continues to compress her esophagus creating further medical issues.  Harper is scheduled to have open heart surgery to alleviate these issues in January of 2022 at Boston Childrens’ Hospital which has the only Vascular Ring Treatment Center in the United States. 

We hope you will join us for this event to raise support for Harper and her family during this trying time.  We are continuously amazed at the level of support the angling community across the state gives to fellow anglers and other great causes.  Hope to see you at blast off and weigh in on December 11th, 2021 at Horseshoe Marina on Black River Lake in the Monterey, LA area.  For more info Contact Waylon Book, 318-421-0312 or Sawyer Wallace 601-757-0229. 

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