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Making a return for summer 2021, the popular Henderson Heat Tournament is sure to challenge, entertain, and reward the lucky anglers who catch any of the 15 tagged bass, 10 sac-a-lait or 5 bream in Henderson waters.  This year’s tournament presented by Team Voodoo and Cajun Lures promises over twenty prizes.  One prize per tag plus the big bass and big sac-a-lait prizes mean plenty of opportunities for a nice return on your $30 entry fee.  The three-month tournament began at safe daylight on June 1st and will conclude at official sunset on August 31st.  There is still plenty of tagged fish and plenty of time left to get a piece of the prizes.  Thanks to the supporting sponsorships from:  Swamp Gear, Cypress Cove, LZ Performance Fishing Rods, Hunt Fish Live, Camp Dog Cajun Seasoning, Limit Out Supply Co., and Wager Baits, prizes will range in value from $50 up to $500!  Be sure to get your registration in before hitting the water!  Register online at link below, or in person at Cypress Cove.  Check out the tournament Facebook page or entry link for official rules and guidelines for eligibility. 


The Henderson Heat Tournament started in 2018 as a way to encourage people to get out and enjoy the Henderson fishery.  In 2018 15 bass and 15 sacalait(perch) were tagged and released for a two month long tournament.  The idea came after seeing other similar format tournaments on other waterbodies around the country with a local desire to grow the sport.  Unfortunately 2019 conditions were unfavorable due to extensive flooding and extended high waters and prevented the tournament from continuing.  But for 2021 the tournament is not only coming back but growing! 

Henderson Heat 2021

August 2021, Volume 128

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In light of recent issues surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, and the correlating increase in fishing due to its acceptable natural social distancing, it was decided to increase the tags to 15 bass, 10 sac-a-lait, and 5 bream.  This was done to increase the likelihood of harvesting tagged fish.  Accompanying the tagging, tournament organizers produced heat maps showing where the tagged fish were released.  They also focused the releases near waters that are accessible to kayak and small boat anglers to hopefully provide a better advantage for all.  Accompanying the tournament, the tagged fish’s information is taken and tracked to assess growth and movement patterns of fish within the fishery.  


With the tournament running over a three month period and with more anglers on the water, its hoped all the prizes will be awarded this year to more anglers.  This removes many limitations that single day tournaments place on the anglers that can and cannot compete and should help “level the playing field.”


So get out and chase a tagged greenback with your family and look forward to the opportunity to win while fishing; a definite win-win!    

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