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Are you a junior high or high school angler that punches with JaBoom baits and want a sponsorship?  Show up and put your skill to the test to earn a one-year sponsorship and boat wrap courtesy of JaBoom Bait Co. and Geaux Signs!  On August 14th, 2021 the First Annual JaBoom Master Classic will launch out of Doirons Landing at safe daylight (official time to be announced).  The rules are simple.  You must use the JaBoom Baits soft plastics as your primary and only lure.  The baits can’t be used as a trailer or on a rig but have to be rigged as your only lure.  Each team will be provided with the same style and color JaBoom baits but any JaBoom bait may be brought and used.


Weigh in is at 3 pm and entrants must be at the weigh in with their chip off the board by 3pm.  The field will be competing for a lineup of outstanding prizes.  First place will be awarded a one year sponsorship with JaBoom Baits, a championship belt, and a boat wrap in partnership with Geaux Signs.            Second and Third place finishers will be awarded the title belts for their finish.  Should the winning team forego the boat wrap it will pass to the next place finisher.  A big bass title belt will also be awarded to the single largest bass.  Additionally, food, drinks, and door prizes will be awarded at weigh in. 


Official rules, prize listing, and entry can be found at:


First Annual JaBoom Masters Classic

August 2021, Volume 128

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Only two fishermen per boat and there must be an adult boat captain.  Posted and private waters are off limits and anglers must remain in boats.  Areas south of Highway 90 are off limits.  Absolutely no alcohol or narcotics allowed.  No fishing within 25 yards of another team without mutual consent.  You may get a ride to weigh in if your boat breaks down but you must have chip off board by 3pm.  Safety is paramount and all members in a boat must wear life jackets and a functioning kill switch while the engine is running.  Cheating and unsportsmanlike activities will result in immediate disqualification.  To reiterate, JaBoom Baits on a single rod and reel are the only method allowed to catch fish in this tournament.  All fish measured must be over 12” or the team/angler will be disqualified.  Penalties for dead fish will be 1 pound per dead fish.  Ties will be determined by the biggest bass if weighed for big bass or if neither team weighed a big bass ties will be settled by a coin toss.  It is each team/angler’s responsibility to weight their big bass to avoid coin toss.  All boats shall have functioning built in live wells; no ice chest live wells will be allowed.  Upon entering this tournament, contestants release tournament officials and sponsors from liability of accidents, losses or thefts. Contestants are responsible for knowing and understanding.  Any protest must be in writing to tournament director no later than 15 min of scales closing.


Entry fee for the tournament is $50 per boat (single angler or team).  Tournament is only open to Junior High and High School anglers.  Each team will require an adult boat captain. Boat numbers will be assigned as you register and will be posted before the tournament.  There will be a tournament pre-meeting on 8/12/21 at 6:30 pm.


This is an exciting opportunity for Jr. High and High School anglers of our area and we look forward to seeing everyone out competing for these awesome prizes.  If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Colby Thompson through JaBoom Bait Co. on Facebook (link below).  Good luck, good fishing, and tight lines! 

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The First Annual JaBoom Bait Co Master Classic will award championship belts to biggest bass and places 1-3, as well as a one year sponsorship to the championship angler/team and a boat wrap courtesy of Geaux Signs and Graphics.

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