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What’s in a name?  If you aren’t from Louisiana you likely have still heard of a cajun.  If you look up the word cajun, its often used to describe food, geographic areas, or a way of life.  But no matter the use, cajun always describes the people.   Known for self-reliance anchored in the ability to do nearly anything needed to not only survive, but to “live the good life” the word cajun could be easily understood to mean quality.  In fact there are many products sold under the mantra, many of which are heads and shoulders above their competition.  So when you hear about a product called Kajun Reels, you expect nothing less than a solid, dependable and high functioning machine.


Behind the new Kajun Reels brand is a familiar face to the Louisiana fishing community in Keith Fussell.  Many of you will remember Keith from our article on his tackle brand Red Alert Lures, or as the inventor of the Louisiana Triple Threat.  Now Mr. Keith aims to supply a more wholistic experience on the water to anglers by providing the key component to putting fish in the boat:  a quality reel.


Mr. Keith is a Disabled American Veteran with over 40 years experience making lures and over 30 years experience repairing reels.  It was this experience in reel repair that enabled him to work with component manufacturers to build a high end reel at an affordable price.  Mr. Keith says “after doing professional reel repair for over 30 years I got tired of working on reels made with inferior components – so about nine years ago I decided to design and have reels built to my specifications.”  And if his reels are anything like his other products they are sure to be to high specifications.


Kajun Reels

June 2021, Volume 126

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The saying goes success doesn’t happen over night, and for Kajun Reels it was no different.  “Through much trial and error Kajun Reels became a reality in the fall of 2020” after nearly of decade of honing by Keith Fussell.  The first of the reels was the Akadian KR1 that saw “a year of field testing” to ensure it met Mr. Keith’s standards.  He says “the current reel has withstood the rigors of bass fishing and saltwater fishing,” so much so, that these reels are backed by a two year warranty he says is unprecedented in the reel industry.


The current Kajun Reels lineup features a spinning reel and a baitcaster.  The Kajun Reels Akadian KR1 Baitcaster is 6.5:1 workhorse featuring a 9 NMB ball bearing system anchored by a hefty 18 pound drag.  The reel innards include an ultra-precise dual magnetic cast control system with marine brass gears, infinite anti-reverse, and all the feels with an aluminum reel handle and two large comfort fit foam grips.  The silent tuned reel is easily maintained with its locking sideplate design and easy access oiling system.  All that in a 5.4 ounce package backed by a 2 year warranty is just what you would expect in a reel bearing the name “Kajun”. 


The Akadian KR2 Spinning Reel is a formidable open face companion to the KR1.  Featuring a 14 bearing 18 lb drag system with a stainless steel bail and oversized foam grips, the light weight spinning reel is no skimp on materials.  With an aluminum spool and a graphite/carbon reinforced frame the backbone is robust for a spinning setup.  The reel features an interchangeable folding handle suitable for left or right hand use. The system is wrapped on an all stainless main shaft to ensure a corrosion resistant setup.  The 2500/3500 size reel features a spacious spool and will hold the following string volumes:  190/10#, 160/12#, 130/24#.   


“Kajun Reels will always strive to put out quality, affordable reels.”  You can find these reels on or catch up with Mr. Keith at nearly any of the many fishing expos across the gulf coast states.  Check out the Kajun Reels Facebook group at the link below, and stay on the look out for the next great thing from Mr. Keith Fussell and his fishing brands.


Kajun Reels – Keep Kastin’

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The Akadian KR1 and KR2 reels in the Kajun Reels lineup, available at .

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