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Buying Experience with Morris Marine

April 2020, Volume 112

There are a few desires of a man’s heart that can only be satisfied once they are acquired.  I remember that first true love of mine.  It was all I could think of day in and day out.  I wanted to be next to her, hold her and take care of her more than anything I had ever wanted.  Nothing could satisfy my longing and finally I got what my heart wanted most.  Dad gave in and got me two labs.  I had those two labs for most of my preteen and teen years and I still smile when I think of those dogs.

Later as I grew older and found girls I went through the first love stage as most but my next big desire was a car, truck, heck a bus would have been ok to ride around in just to say I had a ride.  A hand-me-down ’79 Grand Prix baby poop green made that all better.  It was the ugliest color green but I sure wish I still had that car. 

College degrees, family and kids, houses and many things have come to pass since those days.  I, like most midlife men, recently had new desires of the heart.  Those desires were nothing like the movies where the 50 year old comes home with the Corvette.  I instead had my heart set on a new bass boat and I started shopping late last year.

I had visited with Brad McAdams with Morris Marine in West Monroe about an ad and article for the magazine.  He was interested in everything we do at Bassin’ in the Boot and was onboard to help in any way possible.  It wasn’t long that standing on the showroom floor looking at all those new Skeeter Boats got to me.  I confessed I was in the market but wasn’t sure of price range and financing.  Brad simply said no problem, when you’re ready we can help.

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Before going inside I had to walk around and look at my new to me Skeeter parked out front of Morris Marine.


Service, selection, and financing are just a handshake away at Morris marine.

That was back in October and as any good salesman does, Brad kept me informed of new arrivals and trade-ins as they came in the shop.  I explained I would probably be ready to buy a boat come March.  On March 2nd I get a text on messenger from Brad, “Dude I got a beauty for you!”  He sends me pictures of a boat they had received as a trade in.  It’s perfect, for me. 

The boat and the overall dealings with Brad and Morris Marine was the easiest buying experience I’ve had on purchases.  Like most, I have bought cars, trucks, houses and this was the smoothest of all.  The guys at Morris worked closely with my bank and got me ready to roll.  I was hooked up and headed back home with the boat on March 6, just 4 days from when I got the first pictures of the boat. 

No hassle customer service, personalized to your needs, is just a handshake away at Morris Marine.  The guys there go the extra mile to make sure you find the boat you are looking for with the parameters you set. 

Morris Marine carries Skeeter, Vexus, G3, SeaArk, and Caymas boats as well as being an authorized dealer of Suzuki, Mercury, and Yamaha Outboards.  The service department goes above and beyond to make sure your needs are taken care of in a timely manner.  If you’re in the northeast corner of the state drop by today and meet the guys at Morris Marine and tell them Bassin’ in the Boot sent you!

I look forward to many years in my “new to me” Skeeter and I expect nothing more than a great relationship between Morris Marine and Bassin’ in the Boot.  If you are looking for a hometown boat dealership give Morris Marine a chance to earn your business and help you find the boat your heart desires.  GeauxBassin!

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First sunset on the water in my new to me Skeeter from Morris Marine.

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