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No Doubt Board

December 2019, Volume 108


There are a few inventions that makes you think, “Duh, why didn’t I think of that?”  The No Doubt Board is just that simple but ingenious.  Now maybe it’s different for you but I have found myself measuring a fish to make sure it is long enough to keep only to get out the culling beam to decide if it’s heavier than the last one I had to measure before tossing in the livewell.  Well now there is a simple combined tool that makes that a lot easier.


Inventor, entrepreneur and owner of Offbeat Outdoors, Derek White is an avid fisherman.  Derek has a passion for fishing and the outdoors.  With several inventions and products under his belt, Devin offers the products from his business website  .  The No Doubt Board measures and culls fish without multiple tools or hassle. 


With all aluminum components, the No Doubt Board will never rust and the heavy duty construction will make it a favorite tool come tournament day.  The measuring board is composed of two 3/16” thick aluminum sides with a rotating culling beam that stores between the rule and the back.  With bright white lines on a glossy black background, the measurements are easy to read leaving no doubt if the fish is legal. 


Single out the keeper easily every time and never worry if you kept the wrong fish.  The culling beam rotates to reveal the easy to use hooks for hanging cull tags.  A system so basic yet accurate you’ll appreciate the simplistic design.  


I picked the tool up in Denham Springs on a recent business trip down south.  I could instantly tell it was a well made product but I wanted to put it to the test on the water.


I took the No Doubt Board to Bushley Bayou where I knew I could catch plenty of fish; plenty of fish in similar size to test the board.  After catching 4 or 5 I decided to put the board to the test.  Pulling the tagged fish from the live well I hung two of similar shape and size off the board and made the cull.  I can see how this board will improve the ease of culling come tournament day.


The No Doubt Board won’t help you catch more fish but it will make determining which fish to keep quicker and easier and that might lead to an extra cast or two and ultimately increase your fishing time resulting in the win.  At $60 the patent pending invention is one that will for sure find a home in my boat.  Geaux Bassin’ and cull with confidence!   

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