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August Edition

Our fourth edition is up for the month of August.

In case you haven’t noticed, our sole purpose is to bring to you the very best of the people, places, and products in the bass fishing industry in Louisiana. The State is blessed with so many natural resources and waterbodies, it’s no wonder the people and products are second to none. This month we have traveled over 300 miles in pursuit of the articles, products, and stories between these pages. And while the fishing has been fun, the stories and experiences are topped only by the people we have met. Follow along on our journey and check out the other doers in the industry. Maybe, just maybe there’s a product or company you haven’t seen, a water body you haven’t fished, or a story of some great folks you haven’t met, just waiting for your discovery. Heck, there may even be a new boat in your future after you finish with this edition!

-Bassin’ In The Boot

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