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Looking to make $10,000 for an honest day’s work?  Well we have just the opportunity you are searching for then.  The newly formed MLF format Southern Fishing League is kicking off an inaugural season that is sure to catch the attention of bass anglers in the area.

Jason Daniel is the founder and CEO of Southern Fishing League based in Bossier City, La.  He has been busy securing locations and sponsors for the upcoming season and already top sponsors like Rapala are onboard.  The format is fast paced and uses marshal’s and technology to keep anglers from lugging fish around the lake all day.

The preseason starts November 7th on Caddo Lake with headquarters at Earl G. Williamson Park in Oil City, La.  Anglers may launch from the ramp of their choice and will be given safelight first cast notification via text message from SFL Tournament Director.  For $320 a team there is a possible payout of $10,000 for the shootout tournaments.  Registration is open now on the website.

Preseason shootouts are on November 7th on Caddo Lake, November 14th on Chicot Lake, November 21st on Ray Hubbard, November 28th on Stillhouse Hollow, December 5th on Caddo Lake and December 19th on Lake Okeechobee; all paying up to $10,000 based on 55 boats.  Big bass of the day gets you $300 back in your pocket.

The regular season in the Louisiana Division consist of 5 of the finest fisheries in the state.  Caddo Lake, Lake Darbonne, Saline Larto, Toledo Bend and of course the Atchafalaya Basin.  The seasonal state divisions payout up to $20,000 with a field size limit of 100 boats.  The season starts off in the Atchafalaya Basin on January 23rd and 24th, then February 27th and 28th anglers will be on Toledo Bend; Caddo Lake plays host on March 27th and 28th, April 24th and 25th will feature launches on Saline Larto and the May 15th and 16th tournament will be on Lake Darbonne.  A tour of the great fisheries in Louisiana no doubt. 

Southern Fishing League

November 2020, Volume 119

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The two-day format of the divisional tournaments gives anglers an opportunity to experience the true MLF format of professional fishing.  You might ask is the championship day the same as Elimination day?  That answer is a definite no! The 100 team field is chiseled down to the top 5 teams that will fish the Championship.


Teams not advancing to Championship (Sunday) will receive payout for the place they finished at the end of Elimination day (Saturday).


The teams advancing to the Championship will have elimination day weights zeroed.  This makes it anyone’s tournament and gives any of the top 5 teams a shot at the big money prize. 


Anglers will be provided a meal prior to the Championship meeting on Saturday evening.  Anglers will report to SFL Lake Headquarters Sunday morning and blast-off.


GoPro Cameras will be installed on each boat for tournament footage of Championship Day. Fishing time will be 6 hours. All weigh procedures and live updates will be the same as elimination day. Awards ceremony will begin 30 minutes after all anglers have loaded up their boats. 

Divisional tournaments are available in Alabama and Florida as well that include such lakes as Eufaula, Guntersville, Pickwick, Toho, St Johns River, Okeechobee, Harris Chain and more!  Exciting new league for teams or individuals to fish the best lakes in the southeast with great payouts!


Do you have what it takes to compete for big prizes in the MLF format of fishing? If you’d like more information the Southern Fishing League website is and Jason can be reached by email at

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With bigger payouts on bigger bass lakes, the divisional series is sure to draw the attention of top anglers with the new fast paced MLF format.


Check out the Southern Fishing League on Facebook, Twitter, or the web by following the links below.

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Preseason shootouts in the Southern Fishing League will feature big payouts with over 90% payback guaranteed for all formats.  Remaining percentage towards the cost to host the tournaments.

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