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The spring time brings all the hunters out of the woods and back to the lakes.  The lakes have mostly started the transition into spring spawn and soon will be full of recreational boats, jet skis and party barges.  The lakes have for the most part been quiet and uncrowded.  That is about to change. 

For the bass angler, especially the tournament angler this time of year is like Christmas.  The bass are on the beds or about to be and some of the best weights of the year will be brought to the scales.  There will be stories of working for a couple of hours just to get that one big fish to bite.  It’s the time of year when many people catch their personal best.

Tournaments are in full swing and the lakes and rivers are seeing more and more traffic each weekend.  The increased traffic will no doubt lead to a frustrated angler or two.  There is nothing like making your way down the bank only to find yourself in the middle of a jet ski race or to have a pontoon come by a roaring 20 mph with 3-foot wakes. 

Spring Time Again

March 2021, Volume 123

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These other lake inhabitants are commonly referred to as “BassHoles” and even though it appears as if their sole purpose in life is to keep you from catching your biggest sack of the year, they are just there to have fun as well.

Keeping in mind that the lakes are to be shared by everyone will lead to better days on the water.  As the summer inches ever closer, I try to layout my tournament day to avoid the high traffic areas at peak times.  Most of the recreational boaters will be late morning to early afternoon arriving on the lake.  I map out those busy areas and try to fish those early in the tournament day.  Reserving the backwater and more secluded areas of the lake for the busy time of the day. 

Take the time to plan your fishing day especially on the lakes that have high volumes of recreational boaters.  This will cut down on the frustration and animosity between lake goers. 

Good luck to everyone this year, tight lines, and big bags as you GeauxBassin!

Don't forget to log your tournaments on our facebook group.  Each month we pin a post with tournament information for lakes and clubs.  The weather and the fishing are both heating up so avoid the crowds!

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