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There are only a few serious bass anglers in the state of Louisiana that don’t know about the two oxbow lakes in Ferriday.  Lake Concordia and Lake St. John, long cut off from the flow of the Mighty Mississippi, have earned the tradition of great bass lakes.  The area lakes, including the Black River Lake Complex and Lake Bruin caught the attention of the pros a couple years back for the Major League Fishing Championship which was won by Jacob Wheeler.  Our attention this month is not on the lakes but on the one place located nearly smack in the middle of them all that can help make your time on the lakes more enjoyable.  That place you ask?  None other than The UPAK in Ferriday, Louisiana.

Owned by James “Bernard” and Julie Cole of Ferriday, The UPAK is your one stop shop before heading to the lake.  Located on EE Wallace Blvd. on the north end of town, the UPAK is a must stop when fishing Lake St. John, Concordia, or other local water bodies.  With ethanol free premium gas for the boat, a large selection of tackle and live bait, along with snacks and drinks it really is a must stop.  Once inside you will see more than just a convenience store with tackle; you will find home town folks wanting to serve you.

In the rear of the store on most days you will find Mr. Bernard filling up shiner bags or cricket buckets for the many live bait fishermen that frequent the store.  He also helps Mrs. Julie with stocking the generous tackle selection available.  They have a lot of quality items packed into that magical little corner of the store.  It is in this area you can get the latest fishing reports as Mr. Bernard keeps up with the local lakes and can tell you where to go and what to throw to make your fishing trip more enjoyable!  That’s the kind of service so many of us lose when shopping the big box stores, or online mega-warehouses.

Strozier's UPAK

Part Fuel Station, All Tackle Store

August 2020, Volume 116

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Mrs. Julie and Mr. "Bernard" Cole pause for a minute while discussing their plans for expanding their selection of Louisiana products in The UPAK.

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With an ample selection of the many national brands like Zoom, Santone, Buckeye Lures, Strike King and Bandit, to name a few, you are bound to find the bass tackle you are familiar with to land those big fish on one of the over 20 waterbodies within an hour’s drive.  But the tackle selection doesn’t stop there.  The Coles’ have made it their mission to support local small Louisiana bass fishing companies like Bryant’s Custom Jigs, Louisiana Triple Threat, Shongaloo Outdoors, and more.  In fact, the shelf space devoted to Louisiana products rivals that of any of the big brands featured in the store.  This means a wider selection of baits by local fisherman that know what works on the local lakes, and that currently enjoy a more reliable supply.  This truly is your one stop shop for bass fishing, or any other type of fishing for that matter, in the Miss-Lou area. 

While at The UPAK you do not want to forget your snacks for the day on the water.  Soft drinks, beer and goodies are stocked for your convenience along with ice and the non-ethanol premium gas for the boat.  Stop by the UPAK on your next visit to the area to get the service, products, and supplies you need to make your time on the more water more productive and more enjoyable.  GeauxBassin’ and tell the Coles’ Bassin’ in the Boot sent you!

Bernard Louisiana Products.jpg

Mr. Bernard shows off a portion of the selection of Louisiana products they proudly sell inside UPAK.  These products are made by and for the people fishing lakes local to Louisiana.

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Have a click on the Partner's Page link below or hop over to the Facebook link below and check out Strozier's UPAK for all your on the water needs.  Conveniently located in the heart of oxbow country, just minutes from Lake Concordia and Lake St. John.  

Not just a convenience store, UPAK houses an impressive selection of bot common and unique tackle for the local waters.  They also carry a great selection of Louisiana based companies.

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