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Andrew Green is the owner of AJGfishing guide service based out of Saint Francisville, LA.  If you’re from from Louisiana, that statement may seem odd, at first. Saint Francisville is known by most Louisianians for historic homes and shopping - not so much for a great fall squarebill bite around lay downs. Conventional wisdom says Louisiana fishing guides can only operate in small towns well south of I-10 where crabbing, shrimping, and speeding tickets comprise the vast majority of local revenue. AJGfishing isn’t a typical Louisiana guide service and the owner isn’t likely to be found chasing tailing reds in marsh ponds.


AJGfishing is exclusively bass, exclusively kayak, and exclusively Louisiana. Here is why, Andy tells us, “Put me on a kayak deep in a cypress filled backwater on a north Louisiana ox-bow with a flipping stick in one hand, a paddle in the other, and I’m in Paradise.”  We know Andy from just such a paradise as he is the only guy to fish our Bassin’ in the Boot Big Bass Tournaments (typically a boating event) held on a couple of Louisiana ox-bows from a kayak! 


While the state has a vibrant and growing bass fishing industry, Louisiana is probably the most underrated state from a national standpoint when it comes to kayak bass fishing. While the sport has grown exponentially in the last few years, the majority of that growth has taken place in south-central states like: Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky to name a few.


YAK Bassin' With AJGFishing

December 2020, Volume 120

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AJGfishing’s goal is to bring some of that growth home to Louisiana by introducing anglers to arguably the most exciting way there is to catch a bass:  in skinny water from the stealthy platform of a kayak. “We are able to get to areas on popular tournament lakes that have maybe never been fished, and show a lure to a bass that it has never seen.”


Andy described such a time, “Let’s take Lake Concordia for example. Just a few days ago I was on the north end the day after a major cold front had dumped torrential rain on the ox-bow; it was rising, cold, and very muddy. Supposed to be bad conditions right? Not for a guy in a kayak who just drove an hour and half to get there and wasn’t about to turn back. I launched at the wildlife ramp and worked my way to the north east corner. After fighting through cypress knees and grass well beyond the reach of even a mud boat, I found a 200 yard long pocket of clean water that was about two feet deep. It was loaded! I worked the area back and forth with a buzzbait and flipping setup for a few hours and when it was over I had boated a 94 inch limit (in bass boat terms about 18 pounds) a few of the bites came just inches from the kayak. They didn’t even know I was there!”  Andy continued “If I had launched in a bass boat instead of my kayak that morning, I never would have known they were there either.”


Kayak bass fishing super shallow water is an extremely addicting experience. The goal of AJGfishing is to teach the basics, introduce anglers to the sport, and let the rest take care of itself. “It has made a huge impact on my life, and I know it can do the same for others.”


If you are interested in joining AJGfishing on the water Half day rates start at $150 for a 4-6 hour trip.  Full day rates are $300 for an 8-10 hour trip.   Those prices are for a trip for two. Locations vary and trips are totally customizable.  If you enjoy kayak fishing and want a guided tour or have always wanted to try bass fishing in a “yak” reach out to AJGfishing and you and Andy can Geaux Bassin’ in a “yak”. 

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One handed, no handed, standing, sitting, but above all paddling a yak is the best way to catch'em according to Andy with AJGFishing.  Reach out if you are interested in the rush of boating bass from a kayak.


Check out AJGFishing on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube by following the links below.

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Andy with a few of his yak bass caught in his self described paradise of cypress lined ox-bows across Louisiana.

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